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Simple Home Remedies For Gaining Weight

Simple Home Remedies For Gaining Weight

Different Causes of Obesity

    Strong Metabolism - 

Some people are badly built. Their metabolism is so high that even if they eat large, high-calorie meals, their tendency to gain weight remains small.

    Family History - 

Some people are born with genes that naturally make them thin and have a low BMI.

    High levels of physical activity - People who regularly do a lot of physical activity, such as jogging, running, swimming, or any kind of sport, are usually underweight. This usually happens because their metabolism is always high and they constantly burn lots of calories throughout the day, even when they are resting.

    Health Conditions - 

When a person has one or more health conditions or diseases, temporary weight loss may occur. They can also get a jump in their metabolism, which can lead to continued weight loss. Some examples of these health conditions are hyperthyroidism, cancer, diabetes, and tuberculosis.

    Depression - 

People with depression can experience severe loss of appetite and lose significant weight very quickly. Such people need medical assistance as soon as possible.

    Stress - 

A person who lives under constant stress is usually so preoccupied with thoughts and worries that they might lose weight accidentally.

    Eating Disorders - 

People with certain eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and overeating disorder are underweight. Eating disorders are mostly related to levels of brain neurotransmitters when Weight Watchers overeat for a short period of time, followed by cleansing or excessive exercise to make up for extra calorie intake.


Common causes of inability to gain weight start with rapidly increasing stress levels, unhealthy eating habits, irregular eating patterns, lack of physical and genetic exercise.


Did you know that most of us struggle to lose weight, but there are people who try to gain weight? As simple as it sounds, the reality is different. If you are in that minority then this article is your best food guide. Common causes of inability to gain weight start with rapidly increasing stress levels, unhealthy eating habits, irregular eating patterns, lack of physical and genetic exercise. While we've given these general reasons, we're sure you'll agree with them. If you want to get meat to your bones, you have to follow a strict diet; This means keeping harmful fats out of your system and building muscle mass. You can also consult your dietitian for a healthy, low-fat, high-calorie meal plan. However, one of the best options is to seek out home remedies for gaining weight. And the best part is that you can use most of these drugs effectively without disturbing your normal life.

Steps for Gaining Weight

1. Dates and dry milk are great for filling :

Dried dates are classified as rich in flavor. Why do you ask Dates are full of vitamins including vitamins A, C, E, K, B2, B6, niacin and thiamine, which are essential for our health and well-being. They're a good source of protein, sugar, energy and vitamins that will help you build enough muscle without being too overwhelming. Combine with milk to speed up the filling process. You will see visible results after about 20 to 30 days.

2. Add butter and refined sugar to your daily menu :

Take one tablespoon of pure butter and mix well with one tablespoon of sugar. Eat this mixture on an empty stomach at least half an hour before lunch or dinner every day. If you consume this concoction for a month, you will get the results you want.

3. Combine the mango and milk

Eat ripe mangoes three times a day and combine them with a glass of warm milk after consuming the mangoes. Mangoes contain a fair amount of carbohydrates, sugars and protein which help increase weight. You will see wonderful ends up in a month.

4. Naps are as valuable part as sleeping before going to bed

Yes, you read that right! Getting around forty five minutes to associate hour within the evening can relax your mind and muscles.This not only helps you gain weight, but also helps you get a good night's sleep. This is one of the fastest ways to gain weight without going to the gym.

5. Use peanut butter to your daily breakfast 


Nuts area unit wealthy in fatty acids, protein, minerals and vitamins. Adding nuts to your daily diet will help you gain weight. Peanut butter is also known to be high in calories, making it the perfect home remedy for gaining weight. Rub peanut butter on your multigrain bread and see the results in 30 days!

6. Replace morning / evening tea with a banana shake

Bananas are high in calories and provide us with an instant energy effect. That's why all athletes usually eat bananas between their games. But to gain weight, combine your bananas with a glass of milk. Even better, make a banana smoothie and replace it with tea or coffee in the morning / evening.

7. Do not boil potatoes, bake

Armed with carbs, adding potatoes to your diet will help you gain weight. The best way to eat them is to bake them or toast them in butter. But we won't hurt eating french fries from time to time. Make sure to air fry them in extra virgin butter.

8. Carbs and healthy fats

Eating foods high in carbohydrates and fats is one of the best ways to gain weight healthily. While carbohydrates provide energy, healthy fats are high in calories. Together they increase gradually.

Some healthy sources of carbohydrates and fats include:

  •     Rice

  •     full grain

  •     Whole yogurt

  •     wheat

  •     cheese

  •     avocado

  •     Coconut oil

  •     Whole eggs

  •     Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

9. Eat more calories

In theory, eating 500 extra calories a day will add one pound of your body weight a week. So eat more calories and nutrients in the form of heavy meals and snacks during the day. You can increase your serving size or eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Avoid eating empty calories that don't provide nutrition.

10. Increase physical strength

It is very important that you lift weights at the gym or while exercising to increase your physical strength, and not let excess calories turn into fat in your body.

Hit the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week to increase your muscle mass. The main focus is on weight training rather than spending a lot of time on cardio training.

Cardio is great for a healthy heart, but it also burns a lot of calories and won't be of much use if you're underweight.

11. Keep yourself hydrated

Drinking water is synonymous with weight loss because it reduces the amount of food consumed. Therefore, don't drink water before eating or while eating because it will make you feel full. Drinking water will not help you gain weight, but will prevent dehydration and flush toxins from the body. You can include protein smoothies in your diet to help you stay hydrated and gain a healthy weight.

However, some doctors claim that drinking excess water can lead to weight gain as well. They believe that the body can wash only a limited amount of water. When you drink more water than the body can hold, it is stored in the body and causes weight gain in the form of water weight.

12. Potatoes

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to add calories and starch to your diet. Eating excess potatoes has been linked to long-term weight gain.

Since potatoes have a high glycemic index and can raise blood sugar levels if consumed daily, sometimes you can replace potatoes with sweet potatoes. Although sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and resistant to starches, which will help with weight loss, proper cooking and cooking can help you gain weight.

Mash sweet potatoes in butter or cheese and add a little meat for a carbohydrate and protein balanced breakfast.

 You can add mashed potatoes to your meals as a side dish or eat baked potatoes as a snack. Here's a delicious baked potato recipe for dinner (increase the serving size as needed).

13. Dried fruit

Eating dried fruits, nuts, and seeds is the best way to gradually gain weight. The University of Colorado health guidelines suggest that nuts, nut oils, and dried fruits (such as dates, apricots, prunes) are good sources of protein, vitamin E, and monounsaturated fats and should be added to meals and snacks to increase intake. and nutritional intake. Calories.

You can add dried fruit slices as a side dish to some dishes or spread peanut oil on the bread. Below is an easy and straightforward way to make peanut oil with any dried fruit.

14. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha works better than various weight gain supplements as it is Ayurvedic in nature and does not harm the body. Studies also show that it works by increasing muscle mass and strength significantly. Even after you stop using or reduce it, your body will retain its muscle mass for a long time.

Note: Be sure to ask your doctor before using ashwagandha.

15. Drink milk

Milk has traditionally been used as a method of gaining weight and muscle for many years. Not only high in calories, but also contains lots of protein, good fats, calcium, vitamins and minerals. It has a combination of casein and whey protein that helps build muscle. Studies show that when you combine drinking milk and lifting weights, muscle mass increases.

Precautions to be followed

    Don't overdo cardio, as you will burn more calories than necessary. However, it's also important not to neglect cardio training completely. You can do this once or twice a week and focus on strength training the other day.

    In the rush to gain weight fast, many people skip fast food. Avoid this.

Conclusion :

Follow the tips above carefully and you will gain weight in a healthy way.Don't give up too soon. It takes time, patience, and hard work to gain weight healthily. Go ahead.

Do you know any other way to gain weight?


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