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What Is Diabetes ? All The Secrets Related To Diabetes

What is diabetes? How Is It Learn all the secrets related to diabetes

Diabetes is now a well-known disease. At least 4 out of every 10 people have diabetes. There are very few families where the disease is not seen. The number of diabetics in our country is very high. Among them, the number of patients with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes is increasing rapidly. It is a pity that India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. People with diabetes used to say that they used to be scared, but now they are scared, but now there is a lot of awareness. However, there are some things that ordinary people do not know even today and these are the things we are going to explain to you today. Let's find out, what is diabetes? What are the symptoms? If there are treatments for this, what are they?

What is diabetes? 

Diabetes is a problem in which blood sugar levels remain uncontrolled. Now you may be wondering how sugar suddenly stops being controlled. How to control sugar before that? Let's find out the answers to both these questions ..! Our body has a gland called pancreas. This produces a hormone called insulin. This insulin works to control the amount of glucose or sugar produced in our body. But with physiological changes the pancreas cannot produce insulin and sugar levels rise. Eventually the man falls victim to diabetes.

How does diabetes affect the body?

Increasing the amount of glucose in the blood disturbs the balance of the components present in the blood. For example, blood contains white blood cells (WBC) and red blood cells (RBC). They also contain plasma. Oxygen is also flowing in the body along with the blood flow. But when blood glucose levels rise, red blood cells work to heal wounds faster. Due to the increase in the amount of glucose, we cannot do our job properly. Hyperglycemia also reduces the effect of white blood cells on the immune system. This can lead to diabetes and other ailments.

Early symptoms of diabetes

Let us now learn about the physical changes that are, in a way, the primary symptoms of diabetes. It is important to understand that diabetes is affecting your body. If you recognize these symptoms in time and treat them, you can easily beat diabetes. But if you ignore it, diabetes can get out of hand. So you need to know these symptoms so that you can recognize them immediately and get treatment early.

Blood pressure and skin problems 

Generally, when the amount of glucose and sugar in the body starts to increase, then the problem of high blood pressure i.e. high blood pressure starts. This is because the blood becomes turbid due to the increase in glucose in the blood and the flow of this contaminated blood slows down and this blood does not reach the heart in time. It pushes the body to deliver blood. This is called high blood pressure. In addition, skin problems can appear. Increasing glucose levels weaken white blood cells and weaken the immune system. This causes infections, inflammation and other problems on the skin and it also takes a long time to get rid of these problems.

 Feeling very hungry and tired

Sugar and glucose are the two things in the body that work to give energy to our body. Even if it is said that these are the fuel of our body, it should not be ignored. However, as the amount increases, the production of insulin decreases. Therefore, this sugar and glucose are stuck in one place and even though it is in the body, it is of no use to the body. Therefore, there is a lack of energy in the body and the body increases your appetite to replenish this energy. This is why in the early stages of diabetes, there is a sudden increase in appetite. Another problem caused by this low energy is that the body gets very tired. It is not possible to work hard and laziness increases. Congregation These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to treat your diabetes.

10 panacea to control diabetes

Diabetes is on the ascent among the youthful and old. In diabetes, glucose levels rise. This influences the creation of insulin. Diabetes can be constrained by rolling out little improvements in your every day way of life. Attempt a portion of these home cures as opposed to taking unpleasant pills consistently to control diabetes

1. Basil leaves - 

Basil leaves contain cancer prevention agents and oils that are basic for diabetes. It helps in the development of eugenol, methyl eugenol and cariapholin in the body. These variables manage the capacity of pancreatic beta cells (the cells that store and control insulin) and increment insulin affectability. Likewise, the cell reinforcements in basil leaves help control pressure.

Tip - Drink 2-3 basil leaves or one tablespoon basil leaf juice to control glucose level.

3. Blueberry leaves - 

As per Ayurveda, blueberry leaves have been utilized to control diabetes for a long time. Blueberry leaves assist control with blooding sugar levels. As per the Diary of Sustenance, bilberry leaves contain a lot of anthocyanidins. This assists with expanding proteins for glucose transportation and fat digestion.

Tip - Smash the bilberry leaves and eat 100 mg day by day.

4. Cinnamon -

Cinnamon expands insulin affectability and monitors glucose levels. Eating a large portion of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder day by day builds insulin affectability and enables control to weight. Cinnamon is valuable for diminishing heart issues.

Tip - Remembering 1 gram of cinnamon for the day by day diet for a month helps in controlling glucose levels.

5. Green Tea - 

Green tea is excessively expensive and is rich in polyphenols. The cancer prevention agent and hypoglycemic properties of polyphenols assist control with blooding sugar and manage insulin work.

Tip - Absorb a pack of green tea high temp water for 2-3 minutes. Take out the tea sack and drink tea. You can have green tea toward the beginning of the day or after a feast.

6. Sugarcane leaves -

Sugarcane leaves can expand vitality. Sugarcane leaves help in processing of food and control pulse.

Tip - Wash some sugarcane leaves and concentrate their juice. Take 1 cup of this juice day by day toward the beginning of the day. This assists control with blooding sugar levels.

7. Silim Husk -

Silim husks are ideally utilized as a diuretic. At the point when it interacted with water, it resembled a parasite gel. Silim Husk manages blood glucose work. Stomach upset additionally decreases the occurrence of bile and skin break out.

Tip - Take Silim Husk with milk or water after feast. It can cause blockage whenever taken with curd. (Some home solutions for stoppage)

8. Carly -

 Caramel is high in insulin, which assists control with blooding sugar levels. Caraway is viewed as valuable for diabetics. This is on the grounds that the fixings keratin and momordicin in it help in controlling the glucose level.

Tip - Eat caraway vegetables in any event once per week. To control sugar as quickly as time permits, take one glass of caramel juice for three days.

9. Neem - 

The leaves of this plant, which is generally found in India, have numerous restorative employments. Neem leaves increment insulin affectability. It likewise helps in smoothing the blood stream and controlling the glucose level. The requirement for hypoglycemic medications is decreased.

Tip - Drink a great deal of neem leaf juice.For what reason is Gudipadva eaten as Neem

10. Purple -

As glycosides are a segment in purple, purple seeds don't permit starch to be changed over into sugar. This ensures insulin by controlling glucose levels. A portion of the fixings in purple forestall heart and vascular issues.

Tip - To control glucose, eat 5-6 purple in the first part of the day or blend one teaspoon of purple seed powder in tepid milk/water and drink it day by day.


Conclusion : 

 Discuss potential polygenic disease risks along with your doctor. If you’re in danger, have your blood glucose tested and follow your doctor’s recommendation for managing your blood glucose.

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